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"Six managers in eight years and this restaurant has never functioned right til now."

"It is nice to sleep again. I wish I knew about you a year ago."


Recent Amateur Gourmet Reviews

Toast Rating: 3
Savage Rating: 3
Surin  Rating: 2
Tierra Rating: 3
Patio  Rating: 1
Buckhead Diner Rating: 3
Ru San's Rating: 2
Canoe Rating: 3
Kool Korners Rating: 3
Crescent Moon Rating: 3
Fritti  Rating: 2

Welcome to Georgia Restaurant Consulting

We are a team of experienced restaurant professionals. We offer on site training and coaching to restaurant owners to help them build sales while maximizing profits. Our consultants focus on customer expectations, crew ability and motivation, management leadership and system control. We can work with owners to build or correct budgets, menus, personnel, procedures and systems.

Your restaurant business may be struggling and you may not know why. We have every confidence that your business can succeed. Unlike most restaurant consultants, we are not here to sell you equipment or new decor packages. We focus on the actual operations of the business, knowledge of your team and the desires of your customer base.  We have worked with corporations, franchisees and single location owners. Our knowledge and training comes from experience in kitchens and dining rooms not theories and classrooms. Allow us the opportunity to help you and your team. Let's make Georgia restaurants the best in the world.

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